Who We Are

Learn more about us and our history.

Our growth has been progressive, developing and expanding each internal department with guards and mergers, technical office, certifications office, designs and management.

We have highly qualified and specialized staff, with technicians who have been working for over 20 years in the sector and new technicians composed of young people with specific training and taught by our company.

All this human resource is supported by a base of material resources in which we have invested and continue to invest according to production needs.
Among our work team we have our own vehicles, fusioners, reflectometers, measuring equipment, oximeters, tripods, etc.

What we do

Our Services

Our professionalism, commitment and qualification of our team guarantee us.

Networks based on fiber optic cabling are widely used in everyday life. The service that we carry out of wiring of optical fiber for the greater Spanish contracts consists of great professionalism, supported by qualified teams.

In our service we always meet delivery times, making a design of the installation adapted to the environment.